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I struggled with weight issues for years and suffered from eating disorders.  I followed a fully vegan, gluten-free diet, but I always remained overweight.  With the help of Joe, my food choices were not limited and I didn’t have to do hours of cardio.

The training program he designed was perfect and fun!  The best part of following his meal plan was I had the choice of fun treats like pizza, burgers, and brownies.  I slept better.  I was more content and the fat melted away!

Aurora Mechel

Joe has helped me learn more than I ever thought I would.  I feel 100% comfortable with my body.  I train and eat to keep myself healthy now. He is always there when you have any questions no matter what time it is, and He will customize any plan to fit your needs. I work three jobs and we worked a plan out that works for me so I can still get to the gym 6 days and week and trained for my first competitions with ease. I got First Place!!!

Without the help of Joe I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I am a much more confident and happy person today then I was a year ago. I have dropped old habits and picked up new and better ones. I am healthy, happy and a stronger woman. I have gained so much knowledge about the fitness industry and have been introduced to so many amazing people through Joe. I know continuing to work with him we can really do anything we set our minds and our goals too.

The crazy part is I had friends just eating chicken and vegetables to get lean and Joe showed me how to include waffles, donuts and some ice cream a few times a week!

Alesha Duncan

Joe was such a supportive trainer. I am feeling very grateful to have a Personal Fitness Trainer that sends me multiple paragraph pep talks frequently. He helped me lose 6″ off my waist in 7 weeks! The amazing part about his plans is as a wedding photographer I needed to eat wedding food constantly throughout the program! I incorporate wine and chocolate almost every day! I am getting stronger and leaner, and as a Mother with a busy schedule this is exactly what I needed! This Guy is Golden!! Thanks Joe!

Kymberlie Dozois

I was struggling to lose body fat despite exercising with weights and cardio. Joe helped me implement getting enough protein and restructured my workouts and the results started happening! I was able to eat more food and also incorporate my favourite treats and wine while still getting results. My strength skyrocketed, and my energy improved because my cardio sessions were shorter and my workouts were really fun!

Alex Woyce

Working a desk job made it hard to lose body fat Joe explained to me because I was sitting all day. Joe designed a plan with me that helped me enjoy meals with my family as well I could still include beer, pizza and wings during my program! The pictures speak for themselves! My energy playing with my Daughter increased and my strength went up with the fitness program he designed and during my hockey season I was the leading scorer for the first time! Thank you Joe for teaching me sustainable principles that I can use for the rest of my life!

Darryl Walker

I really needed help as a chef including my own recipes to lose body fat. Joe showed me how to enjoy my favourite meals, structured my workouts to help me get to that lean, toned look without cutting carbs. I didn’t have to do a lot of cardio and my lower body workouts had a lot of variety so I was not bored. If you are looking to take your body to the next level and maintain it, then hire Joe!

Rebecca Schwegler


I needed to get leaner for a fashion show quickly! His 7 day meal plan was easy to follow, I got calories when I needed them most at night. He took all the foods I chose and when I wanted to eat, including cereal and I noticed my body changing right away! I even got stronger in 3 weeks! Thanks Joe for helping me get in killer shape for my fashion show! He was there to answer questions which is missing in most programs.

I recommend Joe to anyone!

Dillan Richards

Joe uses a holistic and scientific approach towards health and fitness. Joe increased the carbohydrates in my daily routine and showed me I could still eat similar meals as my family while leaning out. Joe designed a program to work around my extremely demanding work schedule and joint pain. I am impressed by how much effort he put into explaining how fat loss occurs, supported and motivated me. I feel more confident and really enjoyed the workouts as I was getting stronger everyday!

Carrie Bannon-Masse

Joe is the Man! He helped me achieve my goal by helping me with a decent meal plan and helped me include other family friendly meals throughout the program. He also helped me include a few beers and chocolate bars as well helping with my lunches at fast food joints. He constantly motivated me when I was tired from my busy schedule and when I had to do early morning workouts because of the kids. Thanks Joe!

Richard Flagler

In the past I would typically start an ultra low carb diet and eventually give up due to food cravings and regain the weight back. He showed me how to have food variety, eat out and helped me when I had womanly cravings so I could include candy. Joe has become more than a Coach, we are good friends! He would send videos of himself doing the exercise if I had a question about an exercise, once when he was still in pyjamas on his day off! I am soooo happy with my progress! I feel more confident, I am so much stronger and I love fitness so much!

Leah Carde

Working with Joe helped me put on lean muscle tissue and lower my body fat as I used him as a coach for natural fitness contest prep. He kept my carbs high explaining that my metabolism was fast and kept my cardio to a minimum. He structured workouts to focus on building up my weak areas as much as we could by focusing on proper volume, intensity and body part frequency training. Dieting with him was easy because he helped include some of my favourite foods! He supported me the whole way and always encouraged me to stay positive and enjoy the process!

David Yan

Working as a waitress and going back to school I gained the freshman 15lbs! Joe outlined a detailed nutrition and fitness plan, that was easy to follow while incorporating constant checkins, and progress updates to keep me progressing. I lost close to 25 lbs working with Joe preparing for my show! I got First Place! He would alter my plan and answer my questions when I had them. He helped me eat out at restaurants and helped structure my calories to include outings with friends.

Thanks Joe!

Rayel Anthony