I am going to be straight up and to the point here. I get frustrated watching and seeing people focusing on lack luster, sub par programs and not seeing proper results. It sucks plain and simple. Or getting sold an over priced multi level marketing protein that is half the price, as good quality (I have 15 years of experience in the supplement biz) somewhere else. Or spending $50 on a one page low carb 4-5 food choice meal plan. I love helping people kick butt in Life, kick butt in the gym, and eat with enjoyment while kicking it with a new transformed body!

Your health and fitness goals are in your hands! We have been fed a lot of “BRO SCIENCE” “FITNESS DOGMA” over the years. Unfortunately this information has led us to focus on sub par, unsustainable programs and results. 

What matters? Proper caloric intake, proper fitness programs, and proper recovery. This includes, proper macro and micronutrients consumption, using the right high intensity exercise protocols with progression, getting enough sleep, and minimizing stress. (so you can forget these; I cannot eat carbs at night or stop eating by 8pm or sugar impedes fat loss, eating 5-6 small meals to stoke the metabolism, if you are eating the proper calories unless of course this is sustainable for you) All those have been completely de bunked over the years by numerous controlled, scientific studies and there is no guarantee you will lose any body fat by following these.These are more recommendations for behaviour modification then anything. Not facts, yet we still hear so called experts recommend such nonsense. No one could follow that for life anyways, and yo yo diets do so much harm to your mind and body, that focusing on such things takes you away from what really matters. 

So you may be thinking “Joe I am doing everything right!” or “I was but now I just cannot follow this diet and program anymore”. I am using “my fitness pal” and exercising. Now then it comes down too modifying calories and your exercise program in this circumstance. (Work with me and I’ll get you your results)

I’ll get into a simple calorie breakdown for women since women are more concerned about fat loss goals then men typically.

  1. You may not be tracking correctly. Not weighing food(not necessary forever). It gives you an idea of portion sizes. So your calories end up being too high.
  2. Your daily calories may be way to low for your activity levels (800-1100 for women) and (1400-1700 for men) That low is just not necessary. Unless utilizing low calories for a few days prior to a weekend splurge getaway. 
  3.  You are following a keto diet. These can be very in-effective for long-term body composition changes. Properly adding carbs back in can improve your results. Both for sustainability and lean body mass retention while dieting. (low carbs = low thyroid hormone in both sexes and low testosterone in men)

I want to cut to the chase here, If you have no idea what calories and macro nutrients you are consuming each day then that is the first step. 

Is your program inconsistent, do you train without tracking and logging, are you only training a muscle group once a week, and or are you only doing cardio. 

If you doing some of these things then that is why you are not getting decent results. It is that simple. Your body adapts to everything, so how do you make changes if you have no idea where you have been. Focus on what matters, then change it when you adapt and results (measurements, body fat percent) halt for two weeks.


Learning how to track macro nutrients is a vital skill for long-term results and sustaining those results. After a few weeks of tracking proper calories you can then reuse your days. You will understand portion sizes better. You will have less guilt when eating treats, you will eventually be able to sustain it with ball parking food choices to stay in a decent calorie range,  and not obsessing about every morsel of food when you over eat. Do you absolutely have to track? No but only a few % of people will actually get to their goals and sustain it according to diet studies.

Let me paint you a picture:

Let’s say your typical day looks like this, prior to you starting a diet:

BREAKFAST: Tim Horton’s Muffin, coffee with cream and sugar. (double double)

LUNCH: Ham and cheese sandwich, has mustard and a lot of butter.

SNACK: 2 cookies

DINNER: Chicken pasta, added oil and plenty of sauce.

SNACK: Chips, half a bag or a whole bag ha!

I am not going to display the calories for the simple fact of not knowing the portion sizes you consumed.

You then decide, “wow I have gained almost 20 pounds” it is time to start dieting again.

Here is your new diet that you implement:

BREAKFAST: Egg whites and veggies

SNACK: 1 Apple

LUNCH: Chicken breast salad

SNACK: 1 scoop of why isolate in water

DINNER: Chicken, asparagus

I want to present something to you, and obviously cutting all those calories out will help you lose body fat.

BUT, will you continue eating like that forever? No I doubt it you think. What if you could modify those meals slightly by portions and get into a calorie deficit for fat loss to occur?

The reason I point this out is for the simple fact that you like those foods, if you know how to eat the proper portions and lose body fat then it is easier to sustain your fat loss! Assuming there are no food sensitivities.

What if:

BREAKFAST: Tim Horton’s muffin, medium Tim’s coffee with 1 cream and sweetener. We could do it with milk and sweetener too. (now I have designed many plans with Double Doubles but milk and sweetener saves you 90-100 calories or so for food. Two a day with milk and sweetener, instead of a Double Double, saves you enough calories for a chocolate bar treat later haha. Or you could replace with an egg on an english muffin to up the protein. (good idea)

Calorie Total: Ball parked at 440-455

SNACK: 1 medium sized homemade chocolate chip cookie (or 1. protein bar, 2. low-fat cheese, crackers, 3. turkey bites, piece of fruit, 5. greek yogurt) 

Calorie Total: Ball parked at 110

LUNCH: Ham and Cheese Sandwich (2 slices of bread,1 serving (1 oz) fat reduced old cheddar, 4 slices of pillar ham, mustard and 1 tsp of butter)

Calorie Total: Ball parked at 420-445

DINNER: Chicken Pasta ( 4 oz of cooked chicken breast, 1/2 cup of cooked pasta, 1/2 cup of blue menu pasta sauce, 1 cup of veggies)

Calorie Total: Ball parked at 330-350

SNACK: 30 grams of Miss Vickie’s chips 

Calorie Total: Ball parked at 156

GRAND TOTAL:1456-1516

This here just gives you an idea on how to make your typical favourite food choices work in a day and decent calorie range for fat loss. Saving calories on the Tim’s muffin may give you more calories for chips, the daily protein is a little low for an active woman but seeking fat loss it still works well for sustainability. If you added the egg on english muffin instead of the muffin, or added the snack suggestions instead of the cookie,  or more chicken at dinner you would definitely be in a well established protein grams area if you are exercising 5-7 hours weekly. 

I have had many clients lose many inches by simply making these modifications. Losing and sustaining body fat, getting healthier should add to your quality of life not hinder it. Switching to more fruits and vegetables in here would be beneficial for overall long-term health, as the antioxidants and nutrient value of the day goes up. 

I hope you found this as helpful as my clients do. Sculpting your body and drawing stares is in your new future! 

Your friend, Certified PT and fat loss expert in your fitness journey,

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Joe Hughes


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