Naughty and Nice….

Naughty and Nice….

Here’s some food for thought…

  1. Successful people face just as many obstacles and challenges as everyone else. They’ve just decided to overcome them.
  2. “Not trying” has become the default reaction for too many people – people who really have great potential.
  3. New Year’s resolutions are for weak minded people. If they were serious, they’d have already started making positive changes.
  4. This time next year, will you be more athletic, stronger, or leaner? Or will you still be making excuses?
  5. The way out of the rut is to make changes in your life, most of which won’t be too pleasant in the beginning. But I can make it much easier.

Just remember that the time to start working on that next goal is now. The time to get rid of those bad habits that hold you back is now. You want to look totally different by next Christmas? Start now.This isn’t because of any corny New Year’s resolution either. If you were serious about that resolution, you’d be doing it already. The best time for productive action is always now.This time of year, I want you to enjoy being with your family. Open presents, tip back one on New Year’s Eve, and have some good meals. But if your regularly scheduled workout happens to fall on a holiday, what will you be doing at six o’clock that morning?”But I am not that hardcore as you Joe.” Well I am not hardcore, I am simply educated and consistent.                                                                                                                                     

Maybe you think you cannot do it. Do you really want to live your life with more regrets? I think you can do it!

Maybe you had so many bad experiences in the past that you have been turned off from achieving your health and fitness goals, or you are convinced that your metabolism is messed up, joint pain or you have tried everything and it didn’t work. Well what if you could get closer or even sustain most of the fat loss this time? Isn’t that better than nothing at all? 

Come on…. those cannot hold you back..

Think about how good you will feel doing something for yourself! Getting leaner and stronger will help build your confidence, give you a new sense of adventure, you may meet amazing people at the local fitness club, you will have more to talk about with your significant other and friends! People who exercise handle stress better too!

You do not have to eat perfectly clean to lose fat nor do you have to go to the gym 5-6 days a week. We have had clients lose many inches on 2-4 days a week of training while drinking wine and eating chocolate throughout the week.  The Key is consistency to Our fat loss principles. 

Our programs teach clients how to eat their favorite foods and nutritious food together to lose inches. Why and how? Because eating nutritious food and treats in a proper calorie range is sustainable. These principles are backed by numerous studies. You’ll learn how to maintain your fat loss because you will start to understand how to make switches based on your food preferences and lifestyle so you do not inevitably gain all the body fat back once resuming old over eating and non exercising habits.  I have utilized this with hundreds of clients equating to thousands of pounds of fat loss since 2012 and clients are astounded by the results. Knowing you can have some portioned out ice cream every night of the week and it will not hinder results is pretty cool to say the least. Eating clean every day and avoiding anything deemed ” bad”  seems to work for a few people and I am guessing you are not one of them.  I know you are thinking I cannot do that as I would eat the whole tub anyways. I disagree and my clients noticed the same thing. (Unless you have struggled with severe eating disorders and are under dietary recommendations by a heath professional of course) Then you need to follow their advice. – You know you can have more the next night and are not worried about “oh I have to go back to my boring low carb diet tomorrow.” (I do not advocate low carb, keto diets) If you like that style then we can utilize that but it simply isn’t necessary everyday for fat loss according to long term fat loss diet studies. Breaks with portioned amounts of carbohydrates is actually recommended during keto diets. It helps long term fat loss on many hormonal levels. At the end of the day, you need to do what works for you and your lifestyle.

Our fitness, fat loss, toning, building lean muscle, tummy flattening, booty building programs all cater to you. They are fun, effective, and give you results! At home workouts, fitness club workouts, out door workouts, whatever your preference is, I design it with you, for YOU! We modify as you progress and as your lifestyle changes so you are not stuck or ever GIVE UP!

We support you along the way, weekly check-ins,= answering questions, motivational support, 100+ meals and snacks, plus a detailed customized meal plan for You! Food sensitivities, vegan, whatever your preferences are, we get the results coming!



What would cost you for 1-2 weeks of personal training with no nutritional support is the cost of our 8 WEEK PROGRAM!!!!!!!!

CURIOUS? Yeah I thought you would be! 

At least book the free consultation to ask questions to see if this is what you are looking for! SPOTS ARE FILLING UP QUICKLY!




Joe Hughes

Author of Finding Balance 100 meals to Fit Your Life

CEO of FitNSync and Developer of FIT N FLEXIBLE

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Consultant, Published Fitness Model 

Former IFBB World Amateur Natural Fitness Championships Men’s Physique Competitor

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Founder of FitNSync and Fit N Flexible NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Author of "Finding Balance" 2015 Team Canada Natural Men’s Physique Competitor Published Fitness Model In Inside Fitness Magazine and Muscle Memory Magazine