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Frequently Asked Questions

I want you all to succeed and to achieve the look you want! For some of you it is a process that you must learn to enjoy each and every step. Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you along the way!


How much weight can I expect to lose in 8 weeks?


Results will vary based on the individual. If you’re eating excess calories and haven’t been exercising regularly, you’re body will respond more quickly to the calorie adjustments.

However, if you’ve been dieting on and off for a long time on low calories and/or exercising 5-6 times or more per week, the results will be slower. Your body adjusts quickly to calorie drops, meaning you plateau so if you’ve been eating low calories with no fat loss before hiring me it means your body has adapted and that is now what you’re body is being maintained on. I will need to take you through what’s called a “metabolism shifting phase” in order to slowly increase your metabolism back up to where it should be. This is typically a 2-4 week process for some people, depending on the severity of your diet history. Once you’re metabolism has increased, you will be primed for fat loss again. There is no quick fix unfortunately.

Remember that getting your body to respond is what we are after and that takes time, during that time as your body is adjusting to the increase in calories fat loss does not occur or very little at best. So be consistent with the calorie and macro guidelines both on your meal plan by tracking on My Fitness Pal because we will be doing calorie increases at certain increments. My goal for you is to teach you the principles on how to sustain your fat loss. This will be both a physical and a psychological change process.


How do I increase my metabolism?


By me increasing your calories strategically, minimizing fat gain and building some lean muscle tissue. Also by you being consistent with full body high intensity resistance training 3-5 times per week.

I suggest no medium intensity steady state exercise like jogging, or putting along on the elliptical trainer. This over done can decrease your metabolism over time by potentially causing muscle loss and an increase in appetite. Active recovery walking, stretching or yoga is fine. I typically will put a short duration in after HIIT just to burn off some of the fat being released from the cells so it doesn’t get deposited back because of potential inactivity post training.


I struggle with food consistency daily, what do I do?


Plan ahead your day the night before or in the morning. Prepare meals in advance. We suggest buying your favourite snacks and food items in bulk.

  • Prepare large amounts of food on a free day for the week.
  • Utilize your slow cooker at night. Throw in some frozen meat, potatoes, veggies and it will be ready in the morning.
  • Try some of the recipes in our book with the silicon trays to make easy snacks and meals. The serving size is outlined with the calories below and the recipe can be saved in My fitness Pal.
  • If you are eating 6 times a day try 3 meals and a snack, or skip breakfast and start with a snack mid morning. Do not worry science proves that eating breakfast or smaller meals does not stoke the metabolic fire. Do what you need to but adhere to your macros and calories.
  • Calorie save for outings/functions by either having a small serving of protein and a piece of fruit or fast as some clients prefer to allow for more calories allowable later.


How do I get more motivated to exercise?


Take control of your results! I am here to support you but, your long-term success is in your hands. It comes down to a negative mindset, which may lead to procrastination, laziness, and denial. You may have had a stressful day with the kids or at work, or an argument with your spouse, which leads you to a food binge and a missed workout. It all started with a thought. Start writing down positive thoughts to counteract the negative ones. Believe in yourself, create new habits, and do not let past failures define you!

You need to do this for you!

What do you like about exercising?

  • Is it the burn or the soreness you feel the next day?
  • Is it overcoming strength barriers or overcoming fear?

Whatever it is, focus on those things instead of the reasons you do not like exercising.

Identify your excuses and problems, outline a solution for yourself, make a deadline and take action. This skill will transfer into every area of your life. You naturally do this when it comes to family and career so why not your body transformation journey.

What is your “WHY”? The reason you hired us, the reason you are not happy with how you look.

  • Is it that you want to see your grand kids grow up?
  • Do you want to ward off heart disease and diabetes?
  • Is it to feel more confident, or to look better every day?

Whatever the reason is, write it down and review it often.


I can’t make it to the gym this week. What should I do?


  • Don’t stress! Stress can be very bad for fat loss!
  • If you’re not exercising, eat your off day calories as outlined in your custom plan.
  • Try an at home workout. Look up some full body at home workout routines on the Google or YouTube. Even if they aren’t perfect, at least you’re getting in some form of calorie burn. Always remember that imperfect action is better than no action!
  • Do some High Intensity  bodyweight circuit sessions at home. Make sure you’re putting in maximum effort! These workouts are short, but very effective! Make sure you’re giving maximum effort! (you’ll get out of it what you put in) You should be sweating and heart pounding by the end of 10-15 minutes!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me!  I am here to help you along the way!  It can be a lot of information to take in at once!

Soon you will be a pro, you will understand how to fit in treats, unexpected events, track your macronutrients better which will help you maintain your results!