Do You Fall Prey to These?

Do You Fall Prey to These?


Do you fall prey to these? 

We see this happening with people constantly!

People want to look better, feel better and have that body that makes heads turn!  They are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve results, but are often the wrong actions!

They make up about 80% of our client base.  Heck, studies show that 98% fall into these traps or make up these individuals.

New Year’s resolutions are just around the corner and so many people will be buying into weight loss supplements, hiring personal trainers, online coaching programs that insist you spend $300-400 dollars on shakes, trying a new diet book, and so on and so forth.

How does that concern YOU?

We want to save you money and frustration!

So here it GOES!


Big number 1!  Fat Burners

Please do not waste money on fat burners!!!

Green Tea

Green tea has a lot of weight loss studies however, real results are minimal.   It may help you lose a modest extra 0.2 pounds per week while DIETING!   So, feel free to buy the cheapest green tea pills you can find, or drink 4-5 cups a day.

Caffeine (most fat burners on the market)

These do very little to nothing, especially if you drink coffee daily. Caffeine increases metabolism but not if you are a habitual drinker as you have adapted to its fat loss properties.

Fibre Pills

A couple of the biggest selling brands are mere fiber pills.  6 caps equalling the fiber in an apple and selling for $40-$50 for a month supply.  I (Joe) worked in the supplement industry for 20 years, and I have researched the ingredients and studies for countless hours, it is a waste of money if you are not doing certain things first!

Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Bean, Garcinia Cambogia

But, a Doctor on a popular TV show told me that these worked!  There are no conclusive, unbiased studies to show that these supplements cause fat loss!  Most of the studies are conducted by the supplement company and the results are twisted. Sure I know, you know someone that used one or a celebrity endorses it and lost body fat, but like I said they started doing the right things first. Some give a very slight advantage, and good marketing is good marketing. Everyone is looking for a quick fix and a glimmer of hope that this is their answer. If it were true then everyone would be walking around lean and toned. I’ve had weeks where I was working at a supplement store where I sold around $2000 of weight loss supplements alone, but they always come back looking the same year after year. Unfortunately I had no choice at the time.  I would relay 3 simple step; tracking calories, treats included, incorporating resistance training, (people do too much low-medium intensity cardio) and getting 7-8 hours of sleep daily to them to implement while taking the product that would help them but, they never had really made the decision to see it through. It saddens me to see people struggle when all they needed was some knowledge mixed with consistency.


Big number 2! Shakes

Do not buy into a shake that claims fat loss.  If you are having problems consuming enough protein then by all means, enjoy a smoothie.  I enjoy them a few times a week.  But expending more calories then you are consuming daily is how your body taps into fat stores.  It is called the law of thermo dynamics.  Protein helps protect your lean body mass while dieting but will not if your calories and carbs are too low.  Costco, by the way, has the best price on protein powder and it is low carbs and low fat. KAIZEN is the brand. Sure the site  you went to had all these transformation pics on there!  The person made so many enticing sales pitches, but all they did was replace a higher calorie meal with a lower calorie meal (Shake).  2 things they don’t want you to know is:  1.  They add carbs to the shake (watering down the protein) so they increase profits. Then they call it a meal replacement!  2. The pictures are of people who were the best case scenario!  They lost the most body fat.  The many others spent ridiculous amounts of money they did not need to, and saw very little if no fat loss. If you have been able to utilize these programs and lose what you needed then I applaud you! That is what I like to see!  Sustainability and flexibility is my concern, and my passion! Most people I have talked to thought that if they stopped drinking the shake they would gain body fat as that is what they were told. So sad and frustrating as it has absolutely nothing to do with the science of fat loss. They really could not afford the products in the first place. We have worked with many clients that either were a “coach” from these programs who could not make it work for themselves or individuals that bought those monthly expensive packages.

Big number 3! Personal Training

Hiring a big box gym trainer is not all bad.   You may need exercise technique implementation or motivation. However, motivation comes from within and that is why 80-90% of the people who signed up in January on a big expensive contract are not there in February. Do yourself a favour and save your money. If you do not like the group training classes, which WE HIGHLY  recommend as they are cost effective and HIGH INTENSITY!, get a trainer to come to your house.  Most do the first session for free to get you to sign up. Stick to your guns, maybe you can pay for only two sessions. Or get them to go to your gym for one free workout and ask them to show you a few exercises for each body part. There are a lot of knowledgable trainers out there, but exercise is a very small piece of the puzzle. I know you are not sure where to begin, but you will spend more money than you need too.

There were two big studies conducted on big box gyms with around 220 participants.  They showed only 2-4 pounds lost in 8 weeks for an average of $1500 spent on personal training!  Sad but true.  That is why it brings us great joy when personal trainers hire us to lose body fat, as we can share easy proven principles with them so they can implement them with their clients.

There is so much free information out there on exercise programs and videos for exercise technique!  You will be set easily in that area.  You can watch them on your phone while you train if needed.

Most trainers do not have any education when it comes to how the science of fat loss works!  Half of my textbook when I was certified as a trainer was only half right and doesn’t account for what to do when a fat loss plateau occurs. I had to learn else where. Coaching myself to the World Fitness Championships. (I never did any cardio by the way, and indulged in sugar cereal, pizza and ice-cream almost every day). Sounds crazy, I know, but honestly, it is simple when you understand the science of fat loss. (I used to be overweight as well). Eating whole nutrient dense foods should make up the majority of your food choices for health reasons. But most people do not enjoy them or can’t find the time to prepare them.

Many of my clients who had trainers said that the trainer just told them, “do not eat this” or “do not eat that” or you “have to eat 5-6 times a day”. Well honestly, eating low carbs and clean foods or six times a day all the time may work for some for a short period but it isn’t sustainable or flexible, and it sure isn’t necessary for fat loss. Yeah, I know, it is popular and you see it in magazines.   If you want that tough route go for it, but my guess is if you did that, the diet and binging cycle would continue and all the weight would return!

If there was one thing I could change about the fat loss industry it would be those, horrible, non sustainable programs, where people regain body fat, 95% of the time. Those are the statistics.  Most people will plateau on these programs before they reach their goal!  They get stuck and never lose the final 10-15 pounds they want. That is why these 4-6 week bikini programs are so popular!  Rapid weight loss will usually occur during this time frame, because you’re body has not yet adjusted to these new demands and ultra low calories.  Science shows that 90% of the population will hit a major plateau during that time and struggle to lose another 2 pounds the next 2 months!   So, strict and fast is the route, but most never get the weight off and regain it quickly afterwards.

Getting lean and fit is actually quite simple, yes it takes dedication and consistency. Staying lean and fit is easy as well, cardio is not necessary, but learning how to manipulate calories, macros, and resistance training is.


Big number 4!  Equipment

Buying cardio equipment, or ab machines that claim they are better than the others! It is nice having a machine in the basement, if your fitness level is low it is a safe option at first. Or it is winter and you cannot get outside to walk.

Ab Roller, Cruncher, Blaster, Buster and on and on and on…

Just training your core does not spot reduce and give you a six pack, or a toned stomach that you are looking for! Your ab muscles are there, they are just hidden. They say abs are made in the kitchen!  While I tend to agree, it doesn’t involve eating clean, but hitting certain macros and manipulating calories. Your body adapts to a calorie deficit.  You should never stay on a diet long-term!  Two MAJOR studies conducted showed no difference in fat loss or health markers between groups who consumed high sugar and low sugar while dieting. So enjoying some treats in there!  Knowing how to do it will not slow down your progress!


Just doing cardio like walking or the elliptical trainer at a low to medium intensity tends to only work until your body adapts.  One study showed that by week 4, individuals burn less then 50% of the calories they did when they started using those machines!  It is time consuming and if you keep increasing the duration, you risk losing muscle and can kiss that toned body look good bye! Cardio over the 30 minute mark also was shown to increase appetite drastically, further making it harder to stick to your lower calorie plan. Lose muscle and your calorie burning decreases!  Not what you wanted with your new motivation to finally get the body of your dreams!


Add jogging to that mix!  It is very ineffective at reducing body fat long term and it destroys your joints. If you are someone who likes to jog I applaud you for being active!  My guess is you are highly dedicated and you work hard at it. Let me ask you this; do you jog only for the reason that you like jogging or because you want to look better? If jogging is not getting you there, then why do it? If short high intensity intervals works better, on a bike being a safer option then why not try that?  I actually prefer a full body resistance training circuit.  It stimulates lean body mass gains causing more of the look you want; helps deplete carb stores and causes more of an increase in metabolism. It also doesn’t have to be implemented more than 3-4 times a week. You can pick the exercises you like, and perform it at home with body weight and $20 Dumbbells while watching television. Cheap and inexpensive with the best rewards.


Well there you have it folks! A few things to consider before you jump into that new year looking for that new you! Keep safe and get healthy and fit!

Feel Free to leave comments and questions below!

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