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Indian Beef Burgers: Sunday EATS!

Ever feel “out of sync”? You’re on a new healthy lifestyle and eating plan that you’re excited about, but your spouse or family isn’t on board? Are you eating grilled chicken salad, while your family is eating pizza? Do you feel overwhelmed physically, emotionally and mentally trying to balance work, meals, fitness and family?   [...]

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Tuscan Chicken Salad – A taste of Italy

This salad is fresh, healthy and balanced.  Navy beans are a great carbohydrate source.  Sun-dried tomatoes and olives give this salad a wonderful mixture of flavours! Ingredients 3/4 Cup Navy Beans, drained and rinsed 4 oz Grilled Chicken Breast, sliced 2 Tbsp olives 1 Tbsp Sundride Tomatoes 1 Tbsp light Parmesan Cheese Greens, as desired [...]

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Sun-Dried Tomato Angel Eggs

These reduced fat, high protein snacks are no longer devilish!  They're high in protein and have great flavor.  Add your own twist with some different spices! Serves 6 Serving Size: 4 Ingredients 12 Hardboiled egges (keep 7 yokes) 1/4 Cup 1% Cottage Cheese 1/2 Cup 0 % Plain Greek Yogurt 1 Tbsp chopped sun-dried tomatoes [...]

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