Do You Fall Prey to These?

  Do you fall prey to these?  We see this happening with people constantly! People want to look better, feel better and have that body that makes heads turn!  They are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve results, but are often the wrong actions! They make up about 80% of our client base. [...]

Meal Frequency!

MEAL FREQUENCY   Common phrases we hear: “It’s best to eat 5 – 7 times a day.” “Eating every three hours fuels your metabolism.” “If you skip meals, your body goes into ‘starvation mode,’ you gain fat, and burn muscle for energy.” Chances are that you’ve probably heard something like the above statements if you [...]

Benefits of Resistance Training

With more and more people around the world turning to resistance training to help them increase strength, flexibility, increase lean body mass and reduce body fat. I thought I would go through what the research says: Has profound effects on the musculoskeletal system Contributes to the maintainance of functional abilities Increases flexibility May prevent osteoporosis [...]

The Band Advantage

For some the thought of stepping into the local fitness club is intimidating, couple that with an extremely busy work schedule or family life, sometimes exercising takes the back seat. Now there are so many options to bring the gym to you out there, one of the easiest are resistance bands. Some benefits of resistance [...]

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