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Hey Go-Getter!

Thanks for stopping by! I know you’re going to be a success!

How do I know? You’ve searched and searched for the right answers. You’ve tried everything to get this right! You’ve tried countless diets, and followed the traditional advice!

  • “I eat clean”
  • “I go to exercise classes and bootcamps”
  • “I eat low carb”
  • “I’ve used protein shakes as a meal replacement”
  • “I take my vitamins”
  • “I do it all! Why don’t I look the way I’ve envisioned myself? Maybe it’s just me! Maybe I just have a really slow metabolism and will never have the body I’ve dreamed of.”

Pile all of that on top of your career, family time and running the kids around and you’re exhausted! Good news! You’re not alone! You’re Gung Ho! You are determined! A force to be reckoned with! This is how I know you will be a success!

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Have you ever struggled and spent hours trying to sync all of your tech devices so they run efficiently, only to figure out that it was one little click that made it all work?

The same is true with the body. We are delicate beings, always trying to be in balance. When our bodies are under too much stress from low calories, not getting proper nutrients, over exercising, not getting enough sleep and outside stresses, things just don’t function the way they should. Our metabolisms begin to slow! With a few clicks, our bodies will be primed for fat loss and body composition changes.

I first noticed this problem when I began competing in the Fitness Industry in 2012. My passion for health and fitness began when I was an over-weight teen, admiring the men in the magazines, with lean bodies and 6-packs. I was determined (like you) to learn everything I could to achieve the ideal physique. Since then, I have spent 20 years, devoting my life to health and fitness, reading every new article and new research study I can get my hands on as well as listening to other fitness experts.

In 2012 I entered the fitness competition world. It was a fun and exciting new experience. Self-coached with all of the knowledge I had learned, I placed first in my first show then continuing on and eventually becoming a World Natural Men’s Physique competitor.

I was surrounded by people with the most amazing physiques, all competing for that top spot. Everyone had dieted (often ultra low carb and obsessively clean) and exercised (excessive cardio combined with weight training), with such focus and determination to bring their best physiques to the stage. However, the more involved I became in this world, the more I noticed a occurring pattern. While I was able to get lean and maintain leanness by reverse dieting, not lowering carbs too low and minimal to no cardio for my fitness competitions, most of those other amazing, toned bodies, which I had seen only a few short weeks earlier, were soft. Gaining 20, even 30 lbs!! I realized this was a huge problem, not only in the world of competition, but in every day life as well with Yo-yo dieter’s.

Health coaches and trainers mean well. We all want people to succeed. Unfortunately, many don’t realize how much harm they can actually be doing to people’s bodies by low carb dieting and too much steady state cardio. A lot of those giving advice are just following out dated methods and principles, which will only work for a short time until your body adapts, and with those who have a dieting history (and lets be real, ladies especially, you’ve been trained to diet since you were teens!) People will initially lose some weight on these strict plans, but plateaus are soon to follow and the results just aren’t sustainable. The metabolism slows, and the weight returns. Most times, with more vengeance than before!!

Don’t worry! This problem is absolutely fixable!!

I can’t stand to see people work so hard, with such dedication and not get results! I am passionate about teaching people how to achieve their ideal bodies and sustain it!! With a few clicks, you too can be successful!

I incorporate scientific concepts like flexible dieting, nutrient partitioning, macro counting, active recovery, reverse dieting, and metabolic training to ensure you’re success!

Through an individualized plan, based on your needs and history, I will help you reverse your metabolic adaption, achieve your goals and maintain your dream body!  I will show you how you can eat and feel like a normal person again and still get results! All of my plans are custom and flexible ! You get to pick the foods you want to eat, and I manipulate the variables in an easy to follow way, all while having my daily support and motivation as needed! Think of enjoying family dinners and barbeque’s, a girls night out, a movie and snacks date-night in with your sweetie!

You can do all this and achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of and maintain it!

And, more importantly, keep it! Don’t miss those few clicks.

Get N Sync with your goals!

Joe Hughes

Founder of FitNSync and Fit N Flexible
Author of Finding Balance
2015 Team Canada Natural Men’s Physique Competitor
NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
Published Fitness Model In Inside Fitness Magazine and Muscle Memory Magazine

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